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What should I expect during a Reiki session?

Reiki is a Japanese healing Art form & alternative medicine that has been around for thousands of years. It is also known as 'energy healing'. It works to balance the energy systems throughout the body and aids in emotional, physical & spiritual healing. When working with Reiki, we illuminate the areas that need to heal, and make space new energy. Unconsciously, we store trauma in the body, and when we are feeling blocked, restricted, or feeling negative emotions. This throws off the flow of our energy systems & overall function.

This Japanese healing art form aims to balance the mind, body, soul connection. It is also known as “Energy Work”. Reiki promotes wholeness and self love, working to balance your energy field and emotional nervous system. I use a light touch/ to no touch method. Each session is its own meditative experience, which is curated intuitively & specifically for your needs.

You will leave a Reiki session feeling balanced and clear headed. Reiki can be used as an alternative form of therapy alongside any treatments for disease or illness, but is not to be used as a substitute. It is a spiritual nature that exists beyond space & time. Reiki energy will naturally flow where it is needed in your body. It can be done in person or at a long distance. Reiki is powerful and has no limitations.

Benefits of reiki/ What to expect:

  • Great for depression, stress, fatigue

  • Encourages emotional release

  • Promotes sleep & balances energy

  • Relaxes muscles & tension

  • Promotes feelings of calmness & wellbeing

  • Helps unlock suppressed emotions

  • Enables clarity & spiritual growth

  • Helps to shed limiting beliefs

  • Enables balanced Energy flow

  • Opens the mind

Reiki can be great for depression, stress, & fatigue. Often times it is associated with balancing the chakras, but it does so much more than that. Reiki healing encourages emotional release, promotes sleep & balances your overall energy. Sessions help to relax muscles & tension. They also help to promote feelings of calmness & wellbeing. It can help to unlock suppressed emotions, enable clarity & spiritual growth. Through this process, it helps to shed limiting beliefs, assisting us in releasing what does not serve us energetically and physically. Reiki sessions help to create a balanced energy flow within your body & naturally help you open your mind. Reiki balances the mental, emotional, and physical bodies and helps us naturally invite more happiness into our lives .

I am a Certified Usui-Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner.

During my sessions, I start by leading you on a short, guided meditation with breathing exercises, as well as a sound bath with crystal singing bowls, ocean drum & chimes. You will drift into relaxation during your session. My reiki table is lined with a MediCrystal infared bio-mat filled with Amethyst & Tourmaline chunks. I love to use this for my clients, it's one of my personal favorites. It helps to create a calming atmosphere, with the heat & infared, as well as the many other benefits of the heated crystals. After the session we will have a short consultation about what I picked up energetically, followed by an Intuitive oracle reading. Each session is very unique.

Treat yourself, or give a session away as a gift. I am located in Portage Lakes area, some sessions I do out of my house. Studio space is available in Massillon & Canton for sessions.

Each reiki session will also be unique to each practitioner. I encourage getting Reiki from multiple practitioners to find a practitioner that you really trust & connect with.


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