what is a house blessing?

A house blessing is great to do when moving into a new home, or whenever you feel the need to refresh the energy in your home. During this session, I smudge the house with sage and go around to each room indivually, while I empower, cleanse & bless the space with reiki. Smudging your home, or work environment helps to remove any stagnant energy that may have been left by the people before you, or the people who share space with you. I reccomend having a blessing done before putting your things in your new home, but this can be done at any time. 

Before the session, I would have the owner of the space write up some intentions for their space & the energy they want to welcome in more of. Before we begin the session we read the intentions together & do a short meditation. Each session includes a reiki charged crystal grid that is specifically designed for the blessing & with the Intentions the individual wants to empower their space with.  It also comes with a reiki infused smudge spray, that will also be charged with your intentions. This is to use at your own convenience, on surfaces, nobs and other heavy traffic areas.  You get to keep the crystals in the crystal grid & the spray. 

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why should I cleanse my home?

Homes aren't the only structures that would benefit from a house cleaning/blessing. Its also great to do when moving your business into a new building. Often times, our home, and even our workplace , are our places to release, to unwind, to rest. We go to the same spots to do so, everyday. We get angry, we get stressed, we get sad. We hold trauma. Energy buildup can create stagnant & negative energy. It is great to clear your space of anyone who was there before you, before putting your things into the space. Doing this we make sure that you, or your things will not absorb any negative energy the previous owners may have left in the space. Start things with a clean slate, and empower your space with your intentions & vision.

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