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About my MediCrystal® Amethyst & Tourmaline FIR Infrared stone heat mat

Soulful Designs offers Reiki, Crystal healing, and Infrared heat therapy all in the same session? Yup! You read that right.

Filled with 14lbs crushed Amethyst & Black Tourmaline, the MediCrystal® FIR infrared Heat mat helps to create a relaxing, soothing, and re-energizing environment to maintain your wellness, balance, rest, physical strength, connection to self.

Together with exercise, healthy diet, and hydration MediCrystal® Mats help to support a healthy lifestyle and enhance life experience.

This mat is filled with Amethyst & Black Tourmaline. Amethyst is known to strengthen your intuition, and connection to source. Also a great stone for anxiety & addiction. Black Tourmaline naturally protects against radiation and EMF frequencies. It is a stone of protection, not only in that way, but also protects from negative energy. These stones together, with the FIR infrared Heat mat, along with a full Reiki session, is a great way to get balanced and grounded. MediCrystal® mats are not intended to substitute any medical treatment & you should not use it if you are pregnant.


  • Helps to treat depression, stress, fatigue

  • Encourages emotional release

  • Promotes sleep & balances energy

  • Relaxes muscles & tension

  • Promotes feelings of calmness & wellbeing

  • Helps unlock suppressed emotions

  • Enables clarity & spiritual growth

  • Helps to shed limiting beliefs

  • Enables balanced Energy flow

  • Opens the mind

Reiki is not intended to substitute any medical treatment


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