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Aiming to raise your vibrations,

make your mind wander,

and creative side inspired

Hey there.. Meet me...Casey Logan. I'm a freelance Artist, Jewelry Designer & Reiki Master. Astrology buff & Moon lover. Lightworker. Leader.  Teacher. Student. Soulful Designs has been ever evolving since 2014.

From creating jewelry, to creating your first spark of thought towards your next big goal. I genuinely put my heart & soul into everything I do. Everything I design is one of a kind and unique in its own way. Making jewelry has been a passion of mine since I was a young kid.  In my early 20’s I rediscovered my creative niche and started making jewelry again & experimenting with all different types of mediums. Today I mainly work with leather, clay, wire, beads, acrylic, and mixed media art. I use upcycled & recycled materials in a lot of my work. I find joy in repurposing and like to think of it as doing my part in creating less environmental waste. My goal since i started in 2014 has always has been to inspire othersThroughout the years I’ve come to better realization that my goal is to inspire others through my heART -- in more ways then being someone's favorite piece of jewelry.  After coming to this realization,  I embarked on my own healing journey and am now a Usui- holy fire Reiki Master/Teacher & a Certified Meditation teacher. The foundation of Soulful Designs is passion. Fun. Depth. Joy. I get deep. I create, love, and live from the heart space, and if it doesn't feel right these days... it just isn't. I encourage you to explore this in yourself and weave it throughout all aspects of your life. I have the intention of leading others to live a more fulfilling & soulful life. A life with deep meaning & intentions, and less on repeat. Join me in on the fun.


adventures that inspire me

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