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Yoga Recommendations

If you aren't ready to get into a studio... I highly recommend online yoga.

Youtube is a great recourse.

Both options offer alot of stuff for beginners.

If you're nervous about going to studio.... Don't worry, really. Nobody is watching you.

You aren't being judged. Everyone else is focused on their breath and maintaining balance.

They're happy for you for going to yoga today.

Stay after class and talk to the teacher if you have any questions or need guidance.

They are always happy to help.

For online recourses I highly recommend Youtube. I have been a fan of Yoga with Adriene, Yoga TX, Yoga with Kassandra, Cole Chance Yoga, and Boho Beautiful over the years. Online classes make you feel like you are at an intimate one on one yoga class, and also encourages you to base your practice on what feels right in your own body.

Best thing about online yoga?? Its FREE & You can do it at the time that works best for you!!

Check out all the different channels & teachers on Youtube. Finding a teacher that resonates with the type of practice you want to have is important.

You can also focus on different things during yoga practice. Like a legs practice, or abs. They have before bed classes, Classes to relax, classes for back pain... You name it.

& Remember (yoga is a practice!) With practice & patience your body learns to stretch and release tension.. It can not be forced! Don't hurt yourself! (I have!!! be careful)


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