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What is a birth chart?

Are you familiar with your birth chart?

I'm so excited to now offer a free birth chart generator on my website! The best part about this is it's linked with my FAV astrology app.. 'Co-Star'. When you look up your birth chart, you can find out where all the planets were at the exact time you were born. You can also learn more about your sun, moon & rising signs.

Your sun sign is the most commonly known sign, it embodies your personality at a conscious level, and how you see yourself.

Your rising sign is the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon when you were born. It reveals how you appear to others at a surface level/ what you let others see.

Your moon sign, is where the moon was when you were born.. (it moves every 2.5 days). The moon rules your emotions & deepest feelings. Your intuition, instincts, and qualities that few see.

Right now, this app is for iPhone/apple systems only. There is an android version in the works. If you don't have access to an iPhone or ipad, this website can also be accessed on desktop computers or regular browsers.

Make sure to turn notifications for the app on! They will give you something short & sweet daily.