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How my spiritual Awakening ‘started’...

The past 5 years or so, I’ve been going th

When I started on this journey, I was struggling with my feelings and trying to make sense of them. I was not always the person I am today. I have done wrong to people, and acted out of a place of inner emptiness. Then one day, I made a personal decision to change. If you know me personally, You’d know I was in & out of trouble all through high school. I liked the bad boys. I had an entitled attitude. I grew up through a divorced family. I partied. I stole. I would hurt people on purpose. Then I realized, hurt people hurt people. All along I was hurting inside, and it was up to me to heal my wounds. So, where did I start? I spent hours digging deep inside my psyche and doing shadow work. I tore into my deepest wounds and asked myself Why? First it started with a decision, a decision where I decided I didn’t want to be the person I was before. I tried to mend my relationships, apologize where it was needed, and make peace with my karma. I realized that ultimately, I was in charge of my reality, and I was going to receive what I put in. There was going to be certain things I can’t change, but I realized I could change the way that I reacted to certain things. If i made better decisions, better things would show up in my life. I unfollowed people that didn’t support the life I was trying to create for myself. I started following accounts that were positive & showed ways to manifest your desires and heal yourself. I started using guided meditations on YouTube to help me with my confidence. I spent hours digging deep inside my psyche. Guided meditations literally changed my life. Try typing ‘Guided meditations for sleep’ or ‘morning guided meditations’ into your YouTube search. Experiment with them Meditations eventually led me to Binaural Beats. Binaural beats are a form of sound wave therapy. There is a handful of different sound waves that are proven to help anxiety, depression, Subconscious healing. Deep Sleep. Now I listen to binaural beats almost every single night. I listen to binaural beats when I’m reading.. when I have a bad headache... anytime I can really.. haha. I bought a deck of tarot cards. I started to develop a subtle relationship with them as well as my intuition. I became comfortable with my views on religion. I started using essential oils. Lavender is my go-to. For bedtime, for anxiety, even depression spells. So many other uses for essential oils too. You can even make your own products... and know exactly what is inside! There is so much to learn about them out there. I started following the phases of the moon.. thats been life changing, for sure! Watching as what happens in my life Times up perfectly with each phase. Reflecting on each new moon & full moon. Read a book about it! — follow along on the calender, and see the patterns for yourself. I reccomend a Moon calender app for your phone. I started paying attention to numbers. Taking a mental note of the numbers. I started to consistently see 11:11. It started with a solo trip I was going on. My plane landed at 11:11. Since then 11:11 has shown up sooooo many times for me. Same with 12:34 recently. Do your research. Numbers have meanings. It’s called numerology. Then, there was astrology.. (which I am a huge advocate for now!) but at first, I didn’t believe. I was like... we all carry these traits? I didn’t understand. So I made a list of everyone I knew in each sign and used that to help me learn the traits for each one. I started to study it and pay super close attention to the patterns. It still blows me away! At the beginning of this year, I took a 6 week course on it to help me deepen my knowledge.. and now I offer my own class about astrology. (Let me tell you, it’s WAY more involved then just your one, familiar sun sign.) The planets have a huge effect on us & their position is constantly changing. You can see the patterns when you watch closely. To find your birth chart, you will need to know the exact time & place you were born. Pop it into an online generator & let it dig deep inside your psyche for you. I started working with crystals. At first, I just bought a few. I didn’t really use them much. Then I went through a huge breakup.. the same day I bought my first huge hunk of Rose Quartz. Turns out Rose Quarts is the stone for Self Love, which is exactly what I was lacking @ the time. (Also going through major foot problems, lacking self care.. but I didn’t realize it at the time.) I started to connect with the rose quartz daily, as well as other stones. I started to implement the healing properties of stones into my life & picked them out for what I was needing. Crystals are healing tools from the earth. They are beautiful, shiny, pieces of the earth. They emit frequencies their own frequency’s. I now carry them every day. I wear them. I put them next to my bed. I put them in my bath. IF THERE IS ONE MAJOR THING I’VE REALIZED, People have a hard time believing in things they can’t physically SEE (myself included). But let me affirm— just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Be open minded. Use your senses. Focus on how things make you FEEL. Most people in any situation respond with an emotional or physical reaction.. “crystals are just rocks. Tarot cards are just cards. That music is just music. She’s crazy.. ” But focusing on how these things make you FEEL is really what is key. Pay close attention to things outside of yourself. Your intuition is a MUSCLE. You must work with it a bit for it to become strong. Take the time to evaluate & process your feelings. I’ll tell ya what, It seems crazy.. but what really crazy is this UNCONSCIOUS lifestyle most people live. If you don’t process your emotions, it can make you sick! This list is not in a specific order. These are all just things that have greatly contributed to where I am at today. I am so grateful for every shitty experience that let me here today, because this is where I want to be. And I want to share with others all that has helped me overcome my darkness & come out on this lighter side. It is doable. It takes Work. It’s never easy, but always worth it. I want to be the best version of myself I possibly can be, and I want others to reach that fulfillment too. So im writing this post to share my journey, in hopes that it will help others get started on theirs as well. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time for advice or questions. Show up.. Journal. Practice self reflection. Practicle living mindfully. Make your bed in the morning. Clean your room. Read. Work with the phases of the moon. Sage your space. Focus on intention. Emody the person you want to become. Do the work. Manifest. Do affirmations. Become confident. Grow your intution. Practice feeling. You are in charge of your reality. XO, Casey 

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