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Crystal Essentials kit
  • Crystal Essentials kit

    Do you want to work with crystals but don’t know where to start? I put together this Crystal kit just for that reason! 
    Filled with 9 of my FAVORITE crystals - One for each of your 7 chakras, then 2 bonus crystals! These have brought me so much clarity in my life! Crystals are natural minerals that come from the earth 🌍 they have natural properties that help us heal and connect with our energy. Everything produces energy. 

    Crystals help bring positive energy, they help clear out negative energy and help you connect to the earth and heal and understand yourself better. You can use them to connect to your intuition more, or use them to meditate. I pick one to carry with me each day. 
    — Once you learn more about each one, and connect with them regularly you’ll know which one to pick to carry in your pocket to help you with whatever you need that day, or whatever your struggling with.

    Each set will include an information sheet & carrying bag. 

    •Green Adventurine 
    •Snowflake Obsidian
    •Rose Quartz
    •Tigers Eye


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