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Working with Crystals

Crystals are natural minerals that come from the earth. They have natural properties that help us heal and connect with our energy. Everything produces energy. Crystals help bring positive energy, they help clear out negative energy and help you connect to the earth and heal and understand yourself better. You can use them to connect to your intuition more, or use them to meditate. You may even want to pick one to carry with you each day.

Once you learn more about each one, and connect with them regularly you’ll know which one to pick to carry in your pocket to help you with whatever you need that day, or whatever you’re struggling with. I put together a crystal starter kit to help people get connected with crystals.

You can find it in my shop, here:

In the kit, there is 9 stones total. One for each of your 7 chakras, and then 2 bonus crystals.

So, What are chakras? Chakras are the energy centers of the body, which also correspond to the Endocrine system. This system produces and regulates our hormones within our body. Chakras are spinning wheels of energy. There is 7 main chakras. It is important to clear out blockages in your energy centers to function properly. A chakra, (or energy center) that is blocked could cause physical or mental ailments.

It is important to cleanse your crystals regularly! They absorb energy.

Cleanse them by rinsing them under water, putting them out in direct sunlight, or put them out under a full moon.


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