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Update on MY LIFE

So I haven't wrote on here in months. I started this with a plan and I still have the means to follow through on it. But in the previous months I have felt very distant. Feeling sort of -- afraid to share. Its human nature to pass judgement. But if you judge my life, and my beliefs, that's on you- right? We are all very different. Growing from the person I used to be I have learned that I was very judgmental. Sometimes, I still am. When I was younger I did not appreciate things the same as now. I have grown to realize the value or hard work, the value of your passions, and how important it is to feel happy. Like honestly.. really happy. It is important to find what makes you happy, and let it make you happy. We all have different paths, different trials and error, different backgrounds, different beliefs. Different interests.

And I am still learning about myself.

More & more every day. What makes me happy, what makes me sad. What I need to work on, What I would like to do more of. What makes me special. What makes me, ME. So thats my next plan. I'm going to start making myself more vulnerable to you guys. I need to share my trials & errors. My experiences. What goes on inside my mind. I have messages to tell and I need to start letting them flow out.

I'm back at living at my moms. No boyfriend, no attachments. I am ready to start giving my heart all of the attention it needs. From myself. I am ready to become the most beautiful, bountiful, strong, person that I possibly can be. For myself.

I invite you to join me on this journey.

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