The beautiful, (but sometimes really ugly) path to enlightenment.

Alright, so for the entire winter months - I've been off.

Not much motivation to leave the house, or do anything at all.

I have basically tucked myself into my own little cocoon.. totally caught up in myself..but growing.. forming myself, changing.. evolving.

But I assume that's normal for fall & winter time... we shed off all of our bad habits and emotions.. like leaves on trees.

A few months go past and even bigger and beautiful blossoms come then the last spring.

Life is a continuous cycle.

I know this.

But somehow I forget it every time I go through it.

The beautiful, (but sometimes really ugly) path to enlightenment.

And when I talk about enlightenment, I don't mean a glorious -know it all- I've got it all figured out attitude.

Enlightenment as In seeing - the good stuff - in the crazy curve balls life tends to throw at you.

Being happy is about perspective. You have to find that good and focus on it.

Even though it is so much easier to just focus on the bad.

But even when you get to the TOP -- and you are feeling great. It's only temporary. The feeling is temporary.

Your perspective and ability to be a better person is NOT temporary.

It takes work. and DEDICATION ~ but hard work pays off.

The only person untimely holding me back.... is me.

I'm ready to move forward.


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