12/12 Full Moon at 12:12

The next full moon happens on December 12 & reaches its fullest point at 12:12am in our hemisphere. Coincidently, there are also 12 consecutive months, and we keep track of time with 2 sets of 12. This December energy is STRONG!! Not to mention, there is a solar eclipse happening on Christmas this year, and it is during a new moon.. within the last moon cycle of our calendar year. And it’s the start of a whole new decade. ⭐️The number 12 symbolizes completion. The ending of a cycle. The opportunity to turn over a new leaf. Focus on releasing during this time. Rest. Allow healing to happen. Make space. Hold space for yourself. Recognize the period of rest & reflection. What are you ready to release in 2019? 2020 is a fresh slate. 

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