Grateful Dead  necklace

Grateful Dead necklace

The Grateful Dead used this  logo as an identifying mark on their musical equipment, and later the symbol appeared on the inside album jacket of the self-titled album The Grateful Dead. The logo later appeared on the cover of the album Steal your Face, and has been known as the Steal your Face symbol ever since.


Perhaps its the lightning bolt that signifies transformation, enlightenment, and the raw powers of nature. Through the band's music peope were transformed. Their everyday masks were “cracked” by the honesty, the openness and “realness” of the Grateful Dead culture, and their mundane, limited identities were left behind. The skull and lightning symbol just happens to perfectly symbolize and encapsulate this idea, even though it was created years before the song which eventually came to lend the iconic graphic it its name.


I'm a huge Grateful Dead fan. When I grew up I came to the realisation my mom & Uncle followed the band around in their younger years (more so my uncle). Grateful Dead originated in the area of California where they both grew up. My mom never mentioned the band to me... my friends introduced me to them. I guess my love for music runs in my blood. I have some really cool pieces that my uncle gifted me from his younger years.. like really old Dead shirts & an awesome tie dye scarf. When the members of Grateful Dead came out of retirement & played their 50th anniversary show, we all went as a family. It was a magical time & I am so grateful for the experience. Since then, I've been to a handful of other Dead & Company shows and sometimes I vend my merchandise on lot.


andcrafted from polymer clay.
Each individually painted & sealed twice with epoxy resin.
They are lightweight, very durable & of high quality.

Most pieces are made-to-order, which means that when you order from me, this piece is being handcrafted in my studio with special intentions.