2021 Moon Phases Astrology Calendar
  • 2021 Moon Phases Astrology Calendar

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    Please keep in mind, every person has to be added to the calendar manually. I will update & add people to this list daily. 


    Upon purchase, you will recieve an email with a link that will enable you to Add my "Moon Phases Astrology Calender 2021" into your iCalender  or Google Calender.

    Please select your calender of choice.



     Follow the link & then press add calendar. 

    If you are using google Calendars, you will have to make sure you have the box checked for this calendar to show up within your calendar. My moon phases Astrology calendar can be removed at anytime.


    Small bugs are still being fixed.. but  most events have a description/suggestion on things to do during a specific moon phase, they also include what sign the moon is in during this phase.. It also has a description on Solstices & Wiccan holidays, like Yule, Summer Solstice, Imbolc, ect.  


    I focus on the main 4 phases of the moon, New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, Last Quarter moon. Following the moon in this way makes it less overwhelming, and easier to plan & set intentions with the moon cycle. The moon changes signs every 2 and a half days, I do not include the energy of the moon in each day, only on these days where the above moon phases take place.  If you want to know what sign the moon is in, every day, I suggest downloading an app on your phone for this info. I suggest the app,  "Moon Calendar" and setting it as a widget on your phone. This app will tell you the exact percentage of the moon's fullness, the phase, & zodiac sign for that day. This is something I use, so I am always aware of the energy that each day holds.. along with my Astrology Calendar & other lunar planning calendars.


    I also include major transits of Planets, like when they are moving into a new sign or going retrograde. I often notice in Astrology based calendars, there is so much information it can be overwhelming.. and that's why I made this calendar. The Astrology calendar  was created as a tool to help you plan ahead of time, as well as bring more awareness into your every day life. I took the things that I consider to be the most important , and put them all together in an easy to understand way.


    Use this calendar as a guide for each New Moon, Full moon, First Quarter, and Last Quarter moon phase. Know when to set intentions, when to release, when to put in the work, and have guidance on what way this energy may affect your life. 


    I include 3 full days surrounding each moon phase, because in my opinion this  lunar energy is valid and can be used to our advantage in all 3 days. You don't have to journal at a specific time that day, and the moon doesn't lose its power the instant the phase isn't direct anymore. It's up to us to use this lunar energy to our advantage in a way that feels right & aligns with us. 


    Use the calendar as a tool for self reflection, planning, business launches, manifestations, spells, inner work. Have access to it Anywhere, and Anytime! (no more, I left my planner at home excuses) Bring the resource right to your phone & never be without it!


    Awareness is key to growing, doing inner work, and building our lives. 

    So sync this baby into your calendar and pop open your journal on the next New moon, first quarter moon, full moon, or last quarter phase. Being intentional doesn't always have to include a big ritual, or a lot of work. Don't overthink it! 


    Please contact me for any troubleshooting issues. 


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