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'You will never influence the world by being just like it.'

Meet me: Casey Logan. Artist, Designer, Certified Reiki healer. Astrologist, Meditation Practitioner. Mindfulness Influencer. I'm a young entrepreneur constantly expanding my skills & growing my brand. Soulful Designs is a business ran by passion. From creating jewelry, to creating your first spark of thought towards your next big goal. I genuinely put my heart & soul into everything I do. Everything I design is one of a kind and unique in its own way. Making jewelry has been a passion of mine since I was a young kid.  In my early 20’s I rediscovered my creative niche and started making jewelry again & experimenting with all different types of mediums. My goal always has been to inspire others. Throughout the years I’ve come to better realization that my goal is to inspire others through my heART, in more ways then being someone's favorite piece of jewelry. I've always been the girl who see's the best in people, and I've always been a leader. I have the intention of leading others to live a more fulfilling & soulful life. A life with deep meaning & intentions, and less on repeat. 

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